If you’re one of the increasing number of lawyers who uses an Android phone and/or tablet you’re probably always on the lookout for apps that can help you do your job better or more efficiently. Luckily for Android users there are now more apps than ever available for Android, most popular iPhone apps now having Android equivalents of the same or even better quality. The number of apps specifically developed for lawyers and law firms is also ever increasing. Let’s have a look at some great Android apps that could make your life as a lawyer a bit easier.


You can throw away most of your law books after installing this app. DroidLaw is an app that gives you offline access to state and federal statutory laws and regulations. The app itself is free and comes with some basic content, but you will have to pay to get access to state or practice specific content. There’s a tablet optimized version which is great for doing proper research on, something you probably don’t want to do on your smartphone.


A well designed, simple case management app that syncs with DropBox so your files are always backed up and synchronized so you always have access to the latest version of a document when using the app from different devices. There are CaseManager applications for Windows and iOS devices available too. There’s a billing and time tracking feature built into the app that allows you to track the amount of time worked for a certain client and generate an invoice for the work performed. There are still some quirks to be worked out in future releases of the app but so far it’s looking good. CaseManager is $20 in the Play Store.

Law Guide/Dictionary

This app provides a free legal dictionary with more than 11,000 legal definitions. A must have for any lawyer.


This great legal research app that helps you perform legal research faster. Many bar association have a subscription to the app, which means you may be able to use it for free if you are a member of the right association.


A free app that turns your smartphone into a portable document scanner. The app converts photos you take from a document into a PDF file and improves the quality of the photo, just about eliminating the need for using a real scanner.


Note taking has never been as organized as with Evernote. This great note-taking app can be used for taking notes of anything you can think of and storing them in “notebooks”. There are also a number of great add-ons to have a look at and all your notes sync to the cloud of course. There are Evernote apps for just about any platform as well as a web-based version available.

Amazon Kindle

No need to take large books with you everywhere you go anymore, you can just use the Kindle app to read your books. Any book you buy from Amazon in Kindle format can be read on all devices with a kindle app as well as on Amazon’s own Kindle e-reader. The page you’re on is synced to the cloud so you if you continue reading on a different device than you were reading on before you’ll be able to start from the page you were on.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane only uses a few apps in his work.

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