This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about CodeNgo, or if you need support, please visit our support center.


Are there naming standards for the APK file?

Naming your APK file you have to consider using only small-case characters, numbers and the point (.). Hyphens, underscore and other symbols are not allowed in our system as some of the app stores do not allow this.

We submitted our app and paid. What are the next steps?

Our content team will review the information you provided, including the images. If everything is correct and images are in the right sizes and are unique (not four versions of the same image), submission will start. You will be notified on an ongoing basis on status via email but you can also check status in the dashboard. There you can see an icon for the app store status (appears when you move the mouse over the icon. It looks like an arrow pointing up). Some stores will require action on your part which includes clicking links sent to your Google Play account and logging in to your store accounts using credentials created for you (they can be found in your publisher profile). One store requires action within 24 hours of creating the link so do keep an eye out.

Do you need the signed or unsigned binaries?

Uploading either a signed or unsigned binary is okay.

Are there any restrictions on what kind of binaries can I upload?

The binaries should work properly for the Android versions and screensizes that you select. Multiple binaries can be uploaded for a single title and there is a place to label them appropriately. Your primary binary will be used to submit to as many stores as will accept it based on the business model that you choose (e.g. in-app purchases vs ads).

Silverlight doesn’t appear to be working on my Mac. How can I fix it?

First, the compatible Operating Systems and Browsers for Mac are Macintosh OS 10.5.7+ (intel-based) and Firefox3.6+ or Safari 4+. If your system meet the minimal requirements and compatible browser, then please verify that you uninstall and reinstall Silverlight on your Mac follow the steps introuced in the following links: Removing Silverlight plugins on Mac: Uninstalling previous versions of Silverlight on Mac: Reinstall Silverlight on Mac:

Can I submit tablet apps?


How long does it take for my app to be approved?

It differs for each store. Most stores will make a decision within a week of receiving the application for approval while a few can take longer.

Do I need to create images for all of the stores?

Yes and to make this easier we have integrated a re-sizing tool into the service that enables you to quickly create all of the images necessary directly from the hi-res versions of you Google Play images.

Does my app have to be in Google Play to use CodeNgo?

No, but some stores, like AndroidPit, Opera and Appbrain push their traffic to Google Play so submissions to those stores will be rejected if your app is not in Google Play. Other stores will host APKs, but approval tends to be quicker if your app is in Google Play (but they don’t require it).

Can I submit updates through CodeNgo?

Yes, you can edit the text of your submission or update your APK.

Can I submit paid apps?

Yes. We can also help you to pricing your app for each market based on the purchasing power of consumers in each market.

How do I know when my app has been approved or rejected?

You can track the status of your submissions from your dashboard. In addition, you’ll receive an email from CodeNgo when the status changes.

What if I already have developer accounts at some of the stores?

We can use your existing credentials to handle submissions and updates for you.

Can I control which stores you submit to?

Yes, you have complete control over which stores your app is submitted to.

Can I submit to Chinese app stores?

Currently we do not support Chinese app stores but stay tuned!

Can I use my Google Play app or do I need to customize for each store?

Typically the application you use in Google Play can be used across most of the alternative app stores. If you use in-app payments (IAP) then 4 of the stores (Google Play, SlideMe, Amazon & Samsung Apps) currently have specific IAP payment requirements. 

What is AppDF?

AppDF is a file format enabling easier submissions to app stores. AppDF files typically includes the APK files, descriptions, categories, etc. You can find more information on AppDF from the One Platform Foundation.


Do you take a cut of my revenue?

No, we do not take any of your revenue.

Do you offer any discounts for publishers with a lot of apps?

Yes, contact us at or click here.


Are any of the installs incentivized?

No, all traffic is non-incent traffic. If you are interested in incent traffic please contact us.

Where do the installs come from?

They come via feature placements within our alternative app store partners.

Can I use another 3rd party attribution solution?

No, not for this program. If tracking is a concern please contact us.

Can I order more installs?


How long will it take to deliver the installs?

Once your app is published then the installs will take anywhere from less than 1 week to 1 month depending the quantity of installs.

Can I choose the geos to target?

Yes, you can select up to 5 geos to target. A minimum of 30% of your installs will come from tier 1 geos (US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, AU)


Do you set up Google Play developer accounts?

No, we do not set up Google Play accounts.

Do you set up developer accounts?

Yes, we will set up developer accounts for you at any store that you choose to submit to with CodeNgo except for Google Play. If you have existing developer accounts then we can use those credentials.

Do these stores just push users to Google Play?

No, all but 3 of the stores (AndroidPit, AppBrain, Opera (which includes the Nokia Store)) hosts the APK for download from the respective store.

What stores do you support?

Currently we support 29 stores including Amazon, Opera, Mobango, Samung Apps and many more. Click here to see the full list

Reporting (βeta)

Why do some stores not show downloads?

Some stores (like Opera, 1Mobile and AndroidPit) redirect traffic to Google Play, thus they do not use your APK. In such case it just means you'll see more downloads on Google.

Why am I not seeing downloads?

This could be because you checked for us to not wrap your app with the reporting tracker. In such cases you will need to log in to each store. Or it could be your app is not submitted yet, but then downloads should happen soon.    

Do you track each store individually?

Yes, wherever possible we do. Some stores (e.g. Nexva channels) are reporting at the portal level.

Will CodeNgo modify the binary after upload?

Yes, CodeNgo will automatically install a reporting wrapper or an install ping along with each submission. This is used to collect download and revenue statistics for your application. If your app includes Google Play Services such as in-app billing then you have 2 options. You can provide to us your keystore credentials at the time of submission which will enable us to ensure that all of your Google Play services function properly while allowing for you to receive install reports OR you can choose to not receive any install reporting from CodeNgo.

What key do you use to sign the binary after modification?

CodeNgo generates an account specific key store (JKS) for your account the first time you complete a submission. This key will be used to sign all outgoing apps from your account. This ensures (a) updates to your app can be installed without any trouble (b) your application's data store is secure, and can only be accessed by other apps signed with the same key. This key is never provided to any third party.

How do I know how many installs my apps are receiving?

We have recently begun collecting install data for apps submitted through CodeNgo. It is not yet visible from your dashboard but CSV files with downloads by store can be provided.

Can I provide to you my own key to sign my submissions?

Yes, if you'd like us to use your keystore credentials to sign your app submissions, you can provide this to us securely as part of the submissions process.

Data & Privacy

Where does CodeNgo store its data?

Our server infrastructure is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).  AWS ensures that all data is encrypted in transit with TLS across all services.  Access to infrastructure and other aspects of the CodeNo environment, as well as customer data, is strictly limited to those within our team that absolutely need it.

Can you delete my data or answer questions about my data?

Yes, in order to exercise your rights under GDPR, we have set up a form you can fill out, where you can request to have your data deleted, ask questions on how it is being used, etc.

How do you use my data?

We only use your data in order to perform the services required to distribute your apps.  Our usage of your data is described in our Privacy Policy.

Is CodeNgo a Data Processor or Data Controller?

CodeNgo uses your personal information solely for setting up accounts with app stores. As such we are a Data Controller, and the terms of our Privacy Policy will govern. If you specifically require a signed copy of our Terms & Conditions which explains how we use your data, then please contact and we will send you a copy to sign.