In these tough economic times, everyone is seeking ways to make extra cash. If you’re hard-pressed for money, why not use your mobile phone to make a few dollars? All you need is a smartphone, and you’ll have some cash in the bank.

by Smith Merashi

However, with most of the money-making apps, you’re required to perform different tasks. You can only do this efficiently with a good phone. If it’s faulty, you have no option but to trade. Can I sell my cell phone online? Yes, of course. Many sites can purchase your our device for cash and, you can use it to buy a brand new one.

Check out ways to make money using your phone?

  1. Filling surveys

Take advantage of the best apps to make money fast. Some offer paid surveys and will award you gift vouchers or points that you can redeem for cash. What’s more? You don’t have to bother about online safety; these apps safeguard user information and are secure. Some of the best money making apps for 2020 are, iPoll, Swagbucks, Field agent and many more.

  1. Sharing photos

Some legit money-making apps like Streetbees will pay you to capture and share images. If your phone has a high-resolution camera, then this is a plus. You can use it to take high-quality pictures and share them for cash. Besides, there are different platforms where you can upload images and earn once someone buys your photographs.

The bottom-line

You can use your mobile phone to make money. All you need to do is to sign up at one of the money-making apps, complete the simple tasks and start earning. Whether you opt for surveys, uploading photos, playing games online from the earn money app, you’ll for sure have a fun experience, and better still make money from it.

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