New Apptentive Benchmark Data: Engaging More Customers and Measuring Customer Satisfaction – the Way to Customer Success

The Benchmarks Provide Metrics for Companies to Measure Their Mobile Apps’ Performance in Surveys, Ratings and Reviews, Net Promoter Score, and More

Apptentive, the leading mobile communication suite for Fortune 500 brands, announced the release of their third-annual Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report: 2018 Edition. Using data from thousands of unique apps, the benchmark data presents a comprehensive look at how customer centricity has become a requirement for the survival of brands across all industries. The data included in the report serves as a benchmark for companies seeking to understand how effectively they’re measuring their customer experience, communicating with their customers, and earning customer love.

The benchmark data presents a comprehensive look at how customer centricity has become a requirement for the survival of brands across all industries. As industries across the board start taking the need to be customer-centric seriously, talking with more customers and measuring customer sentiment daily will play a key role in their ability to execute on their CX strategies.

More conversations = more revenue

It’s difficult to truly be customer-first and build an experience customer love if you don’t know who your customers are, how they feel, and what they want. While efficacy on all other channels is decreasing, efficacy on mobile is steadily increasing. The data shows that brands who are interested in learning about their customers are capitalizing on mobile’s unique position to drive maximum engagement—and customers are responding positively to their increased involvement in companies’ decision making. There’s been a 100% increase year-over-year in the number of customers brands interact with in-app, and a 17% year-over-year increase in the number of customers who respond to those interactions.

Daily Customer Sentiment Measurement

Customer centricity has evolved quickly, shifting from aspirational ideology to action-oriented strategies in which mobile serves as ground zero because of the always-on, always-with-us culture that exist today. According to Ryan Hart, principal analyst at Forrester Research, smart companies should deepen their customer understanding to build a customer experience (CX) strategy that lasts. The benchmark data in the report demonstrates that brands that prioritize a frequent cadence of customer interactions and measuring sentiment daily are gathering the building blocks necessary to create a CX that customers love.

Brands that measure customer sentiment on a yearly, quarterly, or even monthly basis experience a disconnect between their actions and the consequences of how their actions make their customers feel. To truly understand the cause and effect of brands’ actions on customer happiness, and to be able to take immediate action based on how their happiness levels change, measuring customer sentiment daily is a powerful tool in building a successful customer experience. Using Apptentive’s Love Dialog—a yes or no question of, “Do you love our brand?”—brands get an honest look at customer sentiment and how it changes over time, garnering an average response rate of 93%.

When measured on a daily basis, at a large scale, large brands are able to measure a “Love Ratio,” the percentage of customer who respond ‘Yes’ to the Love Dialog, that gives them an active and accurate pulse of customer happiness. The average Love Ratio is 61%—a slight decrease year-over year, which could be related to the increase in the number of customers companies are interacting with. Companies are asking more of their customers how they feel, which means they’re getting a more accurate, holistic look.

The 2018 Apptentive Benchmark Study

There is no single customer engagement method that works for every company across all industries; however, a sincere focus on empathy, clarity, and simplicity in your dealings with customers and prospects should be the basis for all of your customer engagement activities. Not only is proactive communication and frequent measurement important for understanding how to build experiences customers love and to serve them better, it impacts retention, loyalty, and revenue.

The full report is available for download here: Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report: 2018 Edition

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