From Samsung:

Dear Seller
Thank you for using Samsung Apps Seller Office; we deeply appreciate your support for our service.The changes detailed below will be introduced as part of our ongoing commitment to service improvement.
 Effective from
 – Thursday 29th August, 2013
 Major changes


Input Video ID for YouTube URL
 – Standard YouTube URLs have the following format: ‘ ID)’, where the video ID consists of 11 alphanumeric characters.
 – The changes will allow you to enter a YouTube video ID to register or edit a new application.


Addition of PayPal as payment account
Now you can receive your payment via PayPal!
Change your payment method from wire transfer to PayPal by the end of this month, and get a $20 gift card that you can use buying contents on Samsung Apps and Samsung Hub.
 – In addition to the bank transfer method, PayPal will be added to the methods of R/S payment for seller.
 – We would like to encourage you to use the service as you can reduce the transfer fee when you use PayPal.
 – New commercial members: select PayPal as payment method
Existing commercial members: My Profile> Edit Profile > Change payment account to PayPal
However, in countries where PayPal is not available as a transaction method, payment options may be limited. After we make the payment, PayPal is responsible for processing it transferring to you.
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