Alcoholism is a leading contributor to premature death and affects more than 10% of the population at one point or another. Throughout much of the world, drinking has become a social norm, which can lead to reinforced behaviors and gradual addictions to the substance. In the past, alcoholism had many negative side-effects but few solutions existed to empower users of alcohol to change course. Thankfully, a slew of technological innovations has made it possible for solutions to be developed that can be used on a daily basis. Mobile applications are one popular form of this trend, and allow individuals to access valuable information and encouragement at any time. The following article will outline three alcohol cessation applications that can help put users on the pathway to recovery.

Quit Drinking

Many alcohol cessation therapies revolve around the notion that certain mindsets must be broken. In many cases, users resort to alcohol without any real thought – the impulse and habit becomes so strong that it is instinctual to drink when they are happy, sad or otherwise emotional. In the case of the Quit Drinking app, one area – focus – is addressed. Users of the application will be able to use the application to relax themselves through a series of mediation-like exercises provided via voice instruction and music. The audio settings can be altered to fit your specific tastes, and can help take one’s mind off of those cravings and impulses related to alcohol abuse and addiction. Available on the Android Marketplace, smartphone owners can download the Quit Drinking app for $2.99.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Anyone who is serious about alcohol cessation knows that it will not be easy, and support is key to victory. Most alcoholics need multiple attempts to quit successfully, but those who stick with the motivation they have will ultimately succeed. The Stop Drinking Alcohol app is an interactive tool that allows users to keep track of how many drinks they have had each day (or none, depending), export data from the application to any desktop or other mobile device, keep a journal of their thoughts within the app and view hundreds of different quotes and motivational statements relating to alcohol cessation. No one should face the fight against alcohol alone: this app can be a powerful tool in the battle. Available on the Android Marketplace, the Stop Drinking Alcohol app is a free download.

How to Stop Drinking

Sometimes, a straightforward approach to information is the best way for recovering alcoholics to learn more about the disease. With the How to Stop Drinking app for Android devices, users will be able to flip through several different chapters that outline key issues such as how to begin your new life without alcohol, ways to break old habits and triggers that cause you to drink, how to use meditation to fight cravings and nutritional guidelines to make the process easier. Your body may be a temple, but the recovery process from alcoholism is not a quick one. With the How to Stop Drinking app at your side, you will have the necessary knowledge to make the most of your recovery.

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