Whether you drive for a living or simply use your vehicle for picking up the kids and going shopping, there must be times when you could use a little extra help. Traffic jams are getting worse than ever before and when it comes to parking in a busy city centre, just forget it! As for the speed limits that seem to bear no resemblance to any kind of logic, you’ll need a small mortgage to cover the radar camera related fines. So it’s a big relief to learn that Android have a range of driving related apps that will slot into your Smartphone quicker than you can turn on your ignition. This article looks at some of the more useful ones and hopefully you may see one that will make your next journey a little easier!

My Car Locator – Freehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nomadrobot.mycarlocatorfree

Our first Android driving app deals with a scenario has surely happened to most drivers at least once before. You are in an unfamiliar town or perhaps you parked in a different lot, as a result you just can’t remember where your darn car is! It can take hours and nobody wants to be searching those streets after dark, especially in the downtown areas. Well now you can rest easy, My Car Locator is an absolutely free app from Android that will locate your vehicle using state of the art GPS technology. You’ll need to have access to a GPS signal and then you simply save the original location to your Google maps app and you’ll never have to worry about the street name again. You will need some clear sky for this to work 100% but even Android can’t guarantee the weather!

Waze – Freehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.waze

Can you remember when Satellite Navigation systems first came out and everyone was amazed at the way these tiny boxes gave us directions to wherever we wanted to go? Well, they have got even better but still seem to be missing the human element a little bit. Now we have Waze, and this app has definitely got a fun element to its navigational qualities! As well as telling you all about the local and national traffic issues, Waze is a gateway into a real life community that helps motorists to help themselves. You’ll get the cheapest fuel prices in real time alerts and any accident hot spots will also be relayed to you. If you happen to witness anything untoward on your roads, just upload the information to your fellow ‘Wazers’ and you’ll be rewarded in kind. As well as offering an accurate navigation display, Waze will relay the directions in a friendly human voice if you prefer. An awesome driving buddy that will certainly make your journeys more fun and a lot safer!

Car Mode – Free – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.schwimmer.android.carmode&hl=en

Our final Android driving app is a real corker that has your safety firmly on its mind. Car Mode will switch all of your smartphone’s calls onto the speaker system once activated. Do this just before you set off on your journey and you will be decreasing the chances of an accident by about 30%. It will not use the car’s speakers and will certainly allow you to drive without the added issues of not being able to take those important calls. It is missing a few advanced features such as voice recognition, but considering this application is totally free, we forgive it!

Driving With Android Is Cool!

Each of these apps have something to offer the discerning motorist, as they are all totally free, why not download the lot?

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The author of this post, Ian Newman, is a part of the team at Capital Volvo, a provider of trucks and truck parts in Florida. He has a keen interest in traveling and enjoys sharing his ideas via blogging.

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