Anyone who has identified troubled areas of their home may wonder how they can fit the time in to fix the issues – let alone the finances necessary to accomplish the task. In the past, home remodeling was a chore that usually require professionals to provide their services, but technology has made it possible for us to achieve much more on our own. In the area of mobile applications, there are a variety of tools and solutions to help us get any job done. Below, we will discuss four home remodeling applications that can be used to fix just about any area of the home.

Dream Home

If you need inspiration for your next big home remodeling task, then the Dream Home application for Android devices will make a great selection. Users can browse hundreds of different home design elements and sort them by room, category or color. Whether you are interested in architectural elements or simple furnishing to liven up a room, the Dream Home app provides them all in one easy-to-use interface. Currently available for free, users of the Dream Home app can save their remodeling and design ideas direct to their SD cards for future reference and subsequently share them with friends or professional renovators hired for a particular task.

Interior Design Gallery

Anyone who sees areas in which home remodeling and design elements can be improved will enjoy the Interior Design Gallery, a free application currently available for download via the Android Marketplace. Users will be able to browse a variety of different rooms – sorted by category – in order to find inspiration and know-how for that next big project. High definition photos make it easy to see how each element of the room interacts with the ambiance of the design, and users can save these photos directly to their SD cards. Before you head to the home improvement store, be sure to give the Interior Design Gallery app your attention, and get ready to be inspired.

Flooring DIY Advice

One major element of home renovations, flooring, is often a popular and low-key way to add value and ambiance to the home. The Flooring DIY Advice app for Android devices allows it users to peruse a variety of valuable topics on how to install hardwood flooring, how to repair scratches and dents, how to properly clean and maintain floors and dozens of other topics. What can often cost an arm and a leg via a professional can cost you pennies on the dollar once you are armed with the knowledge that the Flooring DIY Advice app can provide. This app is available for free and can be found on the Android Marketplace.

Home Improvement & Repair

Let’s face it: not every job is a candidate for DIY repairs or renovations. This is where the Home Improvement & Repair application can assist home owners. You will be able to find a variety of qualified contractors in your area that specialize in many elements of home repair and improvement. Whether you need gutter cleaners, masonry, painting or electrical work performed, the Home Improvement & Repair app can connect you with someone who is local and qualified. This app is free and available for all Android devices.

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This article was contributed by Ridley Pierce; he works as a marketing at Broadway Hardwood Flooring, a leading laminate flooring company based in Toronto. He enjoys sharing his views and opinions on the latest gadgets that hit the market via his articles.

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