MoveTools is an app created by insurance company, State Farm. They provide a timeline of events leading up to and including moving day, as well as after the event. This will help you to plan out an extremely comprehensive to-do list of jobs that require completing to ensure that you are fully organised for your move.


Moving app 1This app will help you completely organize your move from beginning to end, without having to make multiple lists for the work that is required. You will find all the resources you will ever need in one place, and you even have the ability to customize many of the features that are included within the app. The app will ensure that everyone knows exactly what they need to be doing at specific times, so there is no need to panic as moving day arrives.


  • There are a total of 34 moving tasks included within the app and you will be greeted by a week by week checklist. Simply enter the date of your move and make a to-do list personal to you of the actual tasks that you need to undertake.
  • You will find an interactive packing screen that allows you to go from room to room in your home or office and organize everything in the way it should be.
  • You can print packing labels and assign these to certain boxes, thus ensuring you can easily identify what each box holds.
  • The app provides an inventory so you will see which of your possessions are in which box, so you can easily find any item within a matter of seconds. You can use the “Pack Up” menu for this – you have the ability to interactively pack everything from a certain room into a box as well, so you will immediately know if you have missed any items.
  • There is a wealth of informative articles and pictures which will provide you with some great tips on packing, organizing and moving in general.


Moving app 2The app can be found in the Utilities category on iTunes. It is compatible with the iPad and will require an operating system of iOS 5.0 or later. The app is completely free and is brought to you by one of the most renowned insurance companies – State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. The latest update to the app was based on the feedback they received from customers. This included fixing some minor bugs with performance issues and adding retina graphics.

The app has received a variety of different ratings, but mostly positive feedback has been received. Moving from one office or home to another can be an extremely stressful experience, so it helps if you can schedule all the tasks you need to complete, thus ensuring that everything is done in a timely manner. The app is possibly most useful once you have completed your move, as the inventory of your items will make it easy to locate which boxes contain certain items, therefore making unpacking and putting your possessions into the right room even easier.

Today’s guest author, Keith Dawson, is a project manager at Office Move Pro, office movers in Toronto, Canada. When he is not working, he is seen visiting friends and family.

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