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Dear seller,
Thank you for using Samsung Apps Seller Office; we deeply appreciate your support for our service.The Flexible Price function has been available from the Seller Office since December 13, 2012.
Some Paid applications may have been sold at lower price because of the Price Tier applied for specific countries prior to the application of Flexible Price; because of this, we recommend that you use the Price Change function to set the price with the latest price standard.

If this applies to you, check the price of the applications you have for sale and adjust it again using the Price Change function according to the current price standard and exchange rate without having to complete the Certification process again; we recommend that you do this because setting the local price with the current standard will help you increase sales.

 Price Change
You can change the price of Paid applications without completing the Certification process again.
Any price you change with the Price Change function will be applied within 2 hours.
Go to Seller Office > Applications > My Applications > On Sale > Price Change.
 Flexible Price
You can set the prices of your applications and items to what you want.
You can enter the standard price to automatically set the price for each country based on the exchange rate.
However, if you use Phone Bill as the payment method the amount is fixed and the price closest to the Phone Bill payment will be recommended automatically.
If you have questions, select Seller Office > Support > Contact us for inquiries.
We will continue to work hard in order to provide you with the best possible service.
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