From Samsung:

[Seller Office] Notification regarding Improvements to the Accounting Service
Dear seller,
This is the Seller Office Team.
Thank you for your continued support of the Samsung Apps Seller Office.We would like to inform you of the following improvements to the accounting service:
 Simultaneous fund transfer to Agent and Commisionaire models
The following changes have been made to lower the fees paid by Sellers:
Effective from : January, 2013
(Before) Separate fund transfer to Agent and Commisionaire models.
(After) Simultaneous fund transfer without distinction between Biz models if fund transfers from both Agent and Commisionaire models exist.
 Issue of a combined report including Financial Report and Settlement Report
To prevent any confusion that may occur because of improvements to the fund transfer process, the following changes will be made to Financial Report and Settlement Report:
Effective from : May, 2013
(Before) Distinction of Agent and Commissionaire models in Financial and Settlement reports.
(After) Integration of Biz Model in Financial and Settlement reports.
If you have questions, select Seller Office > Support > Contact us for inquiries.
We will continue to work hard in order to provide you with the best possible service.
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