We believe in the alternate app store space (or we would not be in business :)).  Just as you would never do your grocery shopping at one store, or go to the same restaurant your entire life, there is a need for outlets for mobile apps that go beyond Google Play and iTunes.  The evidence that this is becoming an important avenue from app developers, comes from looking at Mobango’s 2012 numbers.

Mobango 2012 downloads by category (Source: Mobango)

In 2012, Mobango had a stellar year. They signed up 8.000+ games developers (their strongest category), published over 15.000 games, and recorded significant engagement metrics on Android.  Mobango is on the way up, and is one of the key app stores we are supporting here at CodeNgo. Congratulations to Mobango, and thanks for leading the way in the alternative app store space (we’ll have to come up with a better name for this, we know).

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