Samsung just published 3 helpful guides for developers to help in the certification process:

[Certification Team] 3 types of Guide for passing the certification are newly uploaded.
On the Samsung Apps Developer Site, Samsung Apps certification team uploaded 3 types of Guide which will help seller to improve certification pass rate. These guides are available in English/Korean/Chinese and we surely recommend seller to read them carefully for seller’s better experience with Samsung Apps.

3 types of guide are as below.

Quick Guide
 – 9 common mistakes made by sellers when they develop and register their applications, and which often result in rejecting the applications.
Top 10 Failures and tips
 – Top 10 failures according to their frequencies in ’12 and the solutions of them.
Self-Check List
 – The guide for developers to check main functions and policies which they might violate before registering their applications.
Those guides will be updated periodically.
Thank you for interest in Samsung Apps and hope you to be with Samsung Apps now and forever.
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