From Samsung:

Dear seller,
Thank you for being a part of Samsung Apps.Please note that the following improvements will be made to the service to reflect your valuable opinions of using Seller Office.
Effective from
 – Thursday 13th December, 2012
Major changes
1. Multiple Binary
 – You can upload up to 10 binary files to an application.
 – Target OS: bada and Android (except for other OS and bada widgets).
2. Flexible Price
 – You can choose the price of your applications and items at your own discretion.
 – You can configure the price to be automatically converted to foreign currencies based on the exchange rate of when you entered the standard price.
However, the recommended Phone Bill Price is automatically set to the highest approximation if you are using Phone Bill because Phone Bill Price is fixed by country.
3. Service now available in more countries
 – New countries with paid stores: New Zealand and Nigeria.
 – New countries where P-SMS payment can be used: Philippines, Kuwait, and Qatar.
4. Other Information
 – The Add button in Trial will be removed from applications that are On Sale and In Certification.
 – The NFC option will be added to Device Recommendation (Auto detection: Android, Direct input: bada).
For questions and comments, please use Seller Office > Support > Contac Us
We will continue to work hard in order to provide you with the best possible service.
Thank you.
Your Seller Office Team.
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