From Samsung:

We have made selling game applications in Brazilian stores more convenient.
 – Before : An MJ/DEJUS certification must be acquired.
 – After : If an application has an ESRB or PEGI certificate instead of an MJ/DEJUS certificate, it will be assigned the corresponding MJ/DEJUS age classification.
 – If it does not have an age classification from any official agency, it will be automatically provided with an 18+ rating for sales.
 – Effective from : Thursday 1st November, 2012
< Additional Announcement >
The checking process for Android updates has been changed.
 – Before : Version check by Version Name
 – After : Version check by Version Code
When updating applications, the Version Code of the binary you are updating must be higher than that of the binary previously registered.
※ The Version Name refers to the version of the application that is displayed for buyers via the channel.
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