From Samsung:

Dear seller,
Thank you for being a part of Samsung Apps.Please note that the following improvements will be made to the service.
Major changes
 – Countries with paid stores added : New Zealand, Nigeria
 – Countries with P-SMS added : Philippines, Kuwait, Qatar
 – Date of Implementation for Seller Office: November 09, 2012
 ※ Buyers can purchase applications and use the P-SMS payment method at the store of the applicable country from December 2012.
Additional Announcement
 – The function, ‘Add Device’ has been deleted: The function for adding a device has been deleted, as multiple device groups can be registered for a single item of content from June.
 ※ If you want to add a new device, click [Update Application] on the application details page.
 ※ If you want to register a new device group with a different binary, click [Add New Application].
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