HTML5 has a few challenges in reaching its potential in the mobile space. Although the platform offers opportunities for developers to bridge the gap between platforms, it also creates a problem with its ability to reach customers like iOS and Android markets. HTML5’s ecosystem needs channels for distribution to app stores, but the HTML5 based platform still lingers between the gap of compatibility as leading app platforms.

Opportunities Are Available

Developers can enjoy the benefits of HTML5’s platform, but the lack of discovery, monetisation and retailing is short for support. Unlike Apple/Google’s platforms, HTML5 bridges the gap between systems and it may be the answer to developer woes of which platform to support. According to the Vision Mobile’s Clash of Ecosystems, HTML5’s promises for the mobile space is infinite because it uses the basic structure of the mobile web browser to access application instead of specific mobile configurations for use (2011).

Once HTML5 reaches its position of control in the mobile space, customers will have access to HTML based apps with appeal and usefulness that is readily available through discovery of its technology like Apple/Google’s app stores (VM Clash of Ecosystems 2011).

Facebook Sets An Example

With HTML5 being a business model, it is also the first platform crying out for developers to enhance its possibilities. Companies such as Facebook are using discovery and vision to build on its talents for creating HTML5 apps specific to its customers needs.

An example of this clever strategy is the Spartan project, an HTML-based app store, that avoids the concepts of Apple-Google dependency (Vision Mobile 2011). Currently, Facebook Platform has over 300 million mobile users through its app store based on the HTML5 model.

Independents Bridge the Missing Links

Independents flourishing under Apple-Google app dominance can build a name for themselves while helping developers gain leverage in producing high-quality apps. App store approvals are possible if developers are willing to invest their time with reliable distribution companies.

The interlink of professional distribution opportunities for HTML5-based apps is possible with an independent firm. Furthermore, if connected with the right intermediary such as Codengo, developers are in the right position to reach a bigger audience to earn a profit from their apps.

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