The Best Places To Find Freelancers To Build Your Mobile App

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Finding freelancers on Google

The digital world is booming. With that, comes an increase in consumer’s expectations. People want to see services transition from traditional brick and mortar stores to the web, and onto personal mobile devices. by Lucy Farrington-Smith But if your company doesn’t have a mobile development department, that goal can seem out of reach – and… Read more »

8 keys for selecting a mobile app vendor

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Selecting a mobile app vendor

With technological advancement, mobile applications have become an essential part of an individual’s day-to-day operations and life. As per Comscore, people spend 87% of their time on an average on mobile applications. As per sources, By 2022, The number of mobile app downloads will exceed 250 billion. by Shruti Bansal Every business can significantly benefit… Read more »

Why Should Mobile App Developers Care About Creative Writing Skills?

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Reading about apps

When you get into programming, you expect to spend your workdays doing, well, programming. Yet, once you start working as an app developer, you’ll soon notice that you need much more than coding talent to succeed. by Misty Blais As your career advances, you will have more responsible duties to handle. Your tasks won’t end… Read more »

The 2020 Smartphone Statistics App Developers Should Know

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Whether you’re marketing on social media, trying to get your app seen in the SERPs or driving traffic to a landing page, you need to understand the ‘how, what, and why’ of smartphone use. by Jodie Manners Which means you need to keep up to date with the latest mobile data and statistics. So, we’ve… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Make an iPhone Application?

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How Much Does It Cost to Make an iPhone Application

Being a professional iPhone app developer, one of the most common questions people asked me is “How much does it cost to develop an iPhone app?” But do you know that giving a right answer to this question is not easy without discussing the requirements of the project? by Arum Som A developer can’t provide… Read more »

Small Business Loans and App Developers: A Great Combination

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CodeNgo note:  We normally write about app development or marketing only, but realize most app developers are really small business owners. We hope you enjoy this article from Camino Financial about small business loans. by Camino Financial App development is a complex process of algorithms and codes, especially for those outside the programming field. However,… Read more »

Want to start an app based startup? Calculate cost in 5 easy steps

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The world today, the fast-paced, technology-driven, smartphone savvy world, it is expanding every second. Even as we speak right now. It expands by leaps and bounds. Mobile app development, as a result, is becoming more and more competitive with each passing day. As a rising organization, you need to stay ahead of your competition, which… Read more »

Funding for app: Do You Really Need it?

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Do you really need funding for your app? Should you approach investors or go at it alone? These are just a few questions you may be wondering about if you are in the process of launching your app startup. Once you have a well-developed working app, the next natural step is to market it and secure investment… Read more »

Boost Your App Downloads With These 8 App Store Optimization Tips

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Gone are the days when having a dedicated app for your business was considered a luxury. Today, the situation is completely different, as your app has to compete against 7 million other apps. Yes, you read that right. As a business, you want your app to stand out so it gets as many downloads and… Read more »

7 Lessons ‘Planet of the Apps’ Taught Me About the Startup Pitch

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If you’re facing an upcoming startup pitch — be it on an escalator, elevator, or email — here’s a few tips to help you conquer the new By Amy VanHaren on August 21, 2017. Originally published on – the world’s largest startup platform, helping over 1 million startup companies. More from Startups. As the founder of a… Read more »