Top 6 Quality App User Acquisition Channels for 2014

For any app publisher, acquiring new users is consistently an area of focus. For those publishers with larger budgets, trialing many different channels is of paramount importance. Medium and smaller size developers find that they need to be more creative and focused in their efforts but regardless of the size of the publisher, finding high… Read more »

Android Appstore Market Overview

There are more than 30 different app stores for Android; for some of them statistics are available and for some of them they are not. We have collected almost all available information and have tried to answer the question: Does it make sense to spent time submitting my app to alternative Android appstores?

Are you below the (app) poverty line?

Now that the new Developer Economics survey is coming to a close (make sure you participate by clicking the link at the bottom of the article!), it is a good time to reflect on some of the key messages from the previous survey. Developer Economics 6th edition was the largest ever research conducted on the… Read more »

Samsung: Change of profit distribution rate for In-App Purchase

From Samsung: To stimulate interest and promote development in the Samsung Apps ecosystem, we have been using a new profit distribution rate to better benefit our sellers since November 1st of last year. Profits from applications with In-App Purchase 2.0 have been distributed with a rate of 80 percent for the seller and 20 percent… Read more »

Why Alternative App Stores Matter

Let’s face it, your app is probably a commodity. As noted by Wikipedia, “a commodity has full or partial fungibility; that is, the market treats its instances as equivalent or nearly so with no regard to who produced them.” In basic English it means that your product can be easily replaced in part or completely by… Read more »

Amazon with updated SDK and Coins available for Android

From Amazon New Updates and Releases Amazon Coins Now Available on Android We recently extended Amazon Coins to all Android devices with Amazon Appstore installed. Amazon Coins is a way for Amazon Appstore customers to buy and enjoy Android apps, games, and in-app items for less. Customers can save up to 10% on apps and… Read more »

Samsung adds multi-language support for images

From Samsung Dear Seller This is the Samsung Apps Seller Office. Thank you for your continued support of the Samsung Apps Seller Office.The changes detailed below will be introduced as part of our ongoing commitment to service improvement.  Effective from – April 03, 2014 (THU)  Major changes Added Feature for Registering Screenshots for Each Language… Read more »

3 Reasons Nokia X is good for Developers

When Nokia announced in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress that they were building a phone using the Android OS, it took a lot of people by surprise. Having previously chosen the Windows Phone OS as its platform choice, it was a curious choice to pursue and Android device as the “commoditization risk” had previously been… Read more »

5 Amazing Apps For Managing Your Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association states that over eight percent of Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. If you’re one of the approximately 19 million Americans affected by this condition, you can use mobile apps to help manage your blood sugar and other issues you face on a daily basis. Since Android and iOS offer thousands… Read more »

Trigger Campaigns Drive Habit-Forming App Experiences

by David Jones Developing an App is an exciting process. You design it, code it, and submit it. Now it’s sitting in the a few app stores gathering downloads, getting featured… but do you have a leaky bucket? Are you losing the users you’ve just acquired? The BAD NEWS for Apps is that 80-90% are… Read more »