4 things to consider when outsourcing your app development

Today we are speaking with Branislav “Banne” Gjorcevski, the CEO of IT Labs, a global technology company that offers mobile and custom software development and technology consultancy. They have been in business since 2005 and have the luxury of 100 team members. IT Labs is in the process of launching their own techcelerator and venture… Read more »

Games, apps and profitability – How to succeed in the apps world

Articles on the profitability of app making never seem to stop. A barrage of data has been released lately that posts a picture that could be interpreted either way as an app developer. Games still drive the majority of the attention for app revenues and profitability, so naturally the focus is on this genre. The… Read more »

Understanding the non Google Play eco system

Today we spoke with George Christopoulos, founder of the SlideME app store. We asked him to share tips and strategies on how developers can can better understand the Android ecosystem outside of Google Play. 1. How should developers see the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and how should it impact their development and marketing strategies?… Read more »

Making money on apps without pushing ads

The first thing most developers think about when they hear the words “revenue” or “advertising” seem to fall in the same ballpark as the terms CPM and impressions. These old conventional methods of advertising are becoming more antiquated as new categories of applications arise. Ad pushing, interstitials, and smart-wall banner networks promise to draw in… Read more »

How the EU will change your app business in 2015

Starting in January 2015, a fundamental shift will happen in the EU affecting all app developers. If you are doing business in the EU (as defined by an end user in the EU downloading your app), you will have to start paying VAT (value added tax, or sales tax, GST, whatever you may call it)… Read more »

Minor adjustments to your app creative = huge increase in downloads

The Mobile App Minute has a fascinating segment on the Road Riot mobile game from Tango. By simply doing some A/B testing on the app icon, Tango had huge results in driving more app downloads. Learn what changing your app icon can mean to you, and how to go about doing it. Some insights from the… Read more »

3 key principles when making games for kids (and profiting)

Making apps for kids can be incredibly lucrative. In the US alone, kids generated $2 billion of games revenue last year (we are assuming generated = harassing their parents to pay).  A staggering 83% of kids aged 6-13 say the use/download apps, and they use apps an average of 24.5 times per day on their… Read more »

Search: The untapped goldmine for app developers?

As an app developer it is already well-known that a placement in the top 25 is worth its weight in gold. However, chances are you paid almost (or more) than that weight in gold in ads to get there. New research however, confirms that users find apps through search more than half the time. So… Read more »

Low cost and effective marketing strategies to improve your app business

We have spoken with Puneet Yamparala, owner of the active & prominent App Entrepreneurs and Marketers Group on Facebook. We asked him to share tips and strategies on how developers can implement low cost but effective marketing strategies to improve their app businesses. What mistakes do you see most often by developers when it comes to… Read more »