The Definitive Guide to App User Testing

When it comes mobile app development when of the most overlooked aspects of the process is user testing, in fact this is often an afterthought and is only considered after the design and development of an app. by Robbie Allen, xDesign Fear not, xDesign a leading mobile app development agency located in Edinburgh, UK are… Read more »

Funding for app: Do You Really Need it?

Do you really need funding for your app? Should you approach investors or go at it alone? These are just a few questions you may be wondering about if you are in the process of launching your app startup. Once you have a well-developed working app, the next natural step is to market it and secure investment… Read more »

8 Business Advantages of Customized Mobile App Development

Are you looking for Salesforce app development or other app development services? By Mike Hutson Customized mobile apps have found their own space in the business world. According to reports, on average around 7.5 hours per employee per week are saved because of using customized mobile apps. In addition, about 82 percent of business owners… Read more »

6 Ways to improve user engagement for your mobile app

These days, building an app is almost like child’s play, but the challenge lies in building and maintaining loyal and engaged users.  The ultimate goal of most mobile apps is to achieve the optimum of customer satisfaction in order to obtain rich ROIs. In today’s high-profile tech world, the consumers are instinctively looking for smartphone… Read more »

9 Mobile trends in 2018 and beyond

Smartphones have become an extension of our very being in recent years. We use them for music, alarms, clocks, messaging across multiple platforms such as good old SMS, to Viber, WhatsApp and FB messenger, catching up on news, watching YouTube videos, checking email, corporate apps for time management, project management and many other tasks. It’s… Read more »

Benchmark study: The importance of engagement in mobile

New Apptentive Benchmark Data: Engaging More Customers and Measuring Customer Satisfaction – the Way to Customer Success The Benchmarks Provide Metrics for Companies to Measure Their Mobile Apps’ Performance in Surveys, Ratings and Reviews, Net Promoter Score, and More Apptentive, the leading mobile communication suite for Fortune 500 brands, announced the release of their third-annual… Read more »

Why alternative app stores are still relevant

Over the past few years, Android has become the most popular mobile operating system in the world and Google Play store is the most popular go-to place for users when finding an app. As a developer, often the most difficult questions after finishing an excellent app are: How am I going to earn money from… Read more »

4 Rapid-action things you should do after your first mobile app launch

So, you’ve officially launched your baby into this world. A world filled with sorrow, wonder, love, joy, and thrill, it is often difficult to nourish your baby without taking meticulous care of him. But, before you call for the celebration, you need to take some rapid-actions which will make it easy for your baby to mingle… Read more »

Boost Your App Downloads With These 8 App Store Optimization Tips

Gone are the days when having a dedicated app for your business was considered a luxury. Today, the situation is completely different, as your app has to compete against 7 million other apps. Yes, you read that right. As a business, you want your app to stand out so it gets as many downloads and… Read more »

Is being push(y) good for app marketers?

Push notifications are a great thing, as they can add value to the app, and also ensure usage. App creators and marketers may rely on it too much though, and usage needs to be relevant. Confusing relevance with consumer location can further complicate matters. There may be no correlation. In addition, notifications should be viewed… Read more »