Relying on the app store will kill your business

The Verge recently posted a fascinating article on the fate of the app developer Pixite.  The story recounts what many developers are already seeing:  Relying on the App Store or Google Play for continued success simply will not fly. You could end up spending a fortune in just discoverability, and should you be so lucky… Read more »

How Deep Links in your Apps Help SEO

As an app developer, sitting firmly atop the rankings on the first page of Google may be enough to secure a sizable amount of page views. Be it so, it’s no longer the crowning achievement in determining the number of downloads or installs your app has. There’s a more effective method for that now, and… Read more »

Google hijacking app search for Google Play – Final nail in antitrust coffin?

Google just announced that they will now test including direct downloads of apps from Google’s search app thereby bypassing the need to go to Google Play. Many stories have been written about how Google is facing antitrust issues due to their anti-competitive behavior around Google Play services. It’s not hard to see how enabling direct… Read more »

Challenges an App Developer Will Meet as a Business Owner

Smartphones or mobiles are increasingly becoming the primary devices for business use. They are here to stay, and their usage is increasing. It is estimated that the enterprise level mobile usage is likely to grow above 40% by 2018. Firms and enterprises have tested the success of mobile technology and are spending loftily on the… Read more »

Ways to retain app customers

Did you know, as per the report by Localytics, there has been a drop in app retention from 39% in 2014 to 34% in 2015? Though, there are many factors that are playing a role in this drop; increasing number of apps is one of the reasons. Your customer has alternatives to your product and… Read more »

App Publishing Beyond The Great Chinese Firewall

Services like CodeNgo are one way to get you a few steps ahead of your competition. You’ll maximize the numbers of eyeballs that potentially see and download your app. Something is still missing though in your worldwide equation. It’s time to give back to the community who likely made your iPhone or Android phone and… Read more »

Amazon wants every developer to be like Rovio

With over 1 billion downloads across web and mobile, Angry Birds is no doubt as big as they get.  But what is also fairly well known is Rovio’s ability to merchandise the brand very quickly.  Now Amazon is out to help developers do the same, with ‘merch’ by Amazon. Amazon is not first on merchandising… Read more »

Latin America and apps – opportunities are knocking

Arturo Galván, CEO of Naranya – a Mexico based mobile internet specialist, points out in a recent article in that “The Latin American mobile market is huge. It’s half of the size of the Chinese market – both are a massive opportunity.”  Thanks to smartphones, the population is rapidly coming online and becoming an attractive… Read more »

State of Developer Nation: Where are the women?

Vision Mobile’s latest State of the Developer Nation paints a grim picture for female developers, with less than 10% of developers in the survey were women. So are mobile app developers like what Silicon Valley has often been criticized for? A frat like club for boys, mostly fresh out of college, that seem to want to… Read more »