Latin America and apps – opportunities are knocking

Arturo Galván, CEO of Naranya – a Mexico based mobile internet specialist, points out in a recent article in that “The Latin American mobile market is huge. It’s half of the size of the Chinese market – both are a massive opportunity.”  Thanks to smartphones, the population is rapidly coming online and becoming an attractive… Read more »

State of Developer Nation: Where are the women?

Vision Mobile’s latest State of the Developer Nation paints a grim picture for female developers, with less than 10% of developers in the survey were women. So are mobile app developers like what Silicon Valley has often been criticized for? A frat like club for boys, mostly fresh out of college, that seem to want to… Read more »

Why your next app should have something to do with cricket

India is a big country. Very big. But did you know that they are now approaching the level of internet penetration that led to things exploding in the US and China? With 232 million internet users, it is the 3rd largest online market, and adds over 60 million users per year. And of course the… Read more »

Got a niche app? Then go niche on your marketing

Do you have an app that targets a specific consumer segment? Then you should make sure your app gets distributed on app stores that target this segment!  It’s easier than you think. Today smartphones are a commodity, and many handset manufacturers have realized that launching their device with bundled content offerings matched to their consumer… Read more »

Tips from BlackBerry on optimizing app discovery

From BlackBerry’s newsletter Increasing App Discoverability within BlackBerry World   If you plan on increasing discoverablilty of your application choosing an application name is very important. Not because of your app but because of everyone else’s. For instance, a search for calculator displays almost 5,000 results! The app name must stand out to grab a… Read more »

Why focusing on native code may not be right

When “Write Once Run Anywhere” is done right it can produce applications that are “better” than native apps by targeting the highest common denominator. by Shail Almog, CEO of Codename One Some would claim that native is the best approach, but that looks at existing WORA tools/communities, which mostly target cost saving. In fact, even… Read more »

What Android M brings to the developer

With the release of Android M, Google has taken some major steps to improve usability.  Some of the improvements will have positive effects on apps overall, and some will certainly help conversion. As a users I am perhaps most excited about “Doze” which allows for the phone to have a deeper sleep when not in… Read more »

The return of Microsoft as a mobile force?

Windows Mobile has in large part been heralded as a pretty good and sleek operating system. Consumers however, have not caught on at all, and Microsoft’s market share in the mobile OS market has been minimal. With Windows 10 and some strategic moves, it could mean the return to mobile relevance for Microsoft for a… Read more »

The ins and outs of Alternative App Stores

David Jones from Streethawk and Paul “The App Guy” Kemp are two very sharp minds in the mobile world. CodeNgo co-founder Chris Jones had a chat with both of them. The focus of course is about Alternative App Stores, and what alternative app stores can do for developers, but covers wide ranging topics from subscription… Read more »

Mobile games development: The key to survival

Games development can be fun. But fun does not pay the bills, if you intend to live as a games developer. The economic viability of being a games developer is constantly being questioned, and with millions of apps now available, should you be getting to mobile games development at all? First comes the notion that… Read more »