The Windows effect may be coming

We have mentioned before that Microsoft Windows is definitely there in terms of developer mindshare. However, developer support towards iOS and Android is so dominant due to those platform’s reach, and for Android, it was also considered by developers to be the easiest to develop for: However, now it seems like Microsoft has been able… Read more »

The beauty of alternative app stores

To make money on your app, there are two things to focus on to make money: Distribution and marketing.  Marketing is a complex field, and while developers hope to rely on the viral factor and word of mouth recommendations, having Facebook sharing buttons or newsfeed posts simply will not make it for you if you… Read more »

Carnival of the Mobilists #280

August is nearly over, and so are the holidays for most.  The blogosphere is a bit slow, but luckily some eager beavers have been writing great mobile blog posts, which makes us excited to yet again host the Carnival of the Mobilists.  Thanks to the contributors this week for keeping up the quality content about… Read more »

Vodafone launches in-app billing

Message from Vodafone: Firstly, thanks for using our shop proposition ‘Vodafone AppSelect’ to distribute your apps. We’re writing to let you know that over the coming weeks we’ll be making a number of changes to the Vodafone Apps Publication Platform. These changes will be related to the following: • A new improved, streamlined publication platform… Read more »

Developers dilemma: Moving from product to marketing

How many downloads are needed in order to stay in the top 50 in the Apple App Store or Google Play? 25.000 per day according to Vision Mobile‘s Mobile Megatrends 2012 report.   They make the point that apps need to move from product innovation to marketing innovation, and that apps are as mature as… Read more »

Are Android users cheap?

There have been a number of articles and research on how much less Android users spend vs iOS users. The latest research from Lightspeed Research confirms that this is still the case: Now with Android currently being the dominant OS, you would think that demographically both Android and iOS should represent a broad selection of… Read more »

CodeNgo on Aussie Tech Heads

CodeNgo’s Chris Jones was interviewed by Aussie Tech Heads last week. This is a video blog for the really, really tech interested people in Australia. Not only did they like us, they wanted to introduce us to VCs! This was a fun one to be part of, and hopefully only the first of many. The… Read more »

CodeNgo supporting 10 new app stores and enhancing UI

Today we’re excited to announce several enhancements to our AppStore Submissions Service that we hope will improve your CodeNgo experience. The first is that we have added 10 new app stores to our Pro & Business plans bringing the total number of stores available through our Appstore Submissions Service to 20. New stores include Vodafone, Mall… Read more »

Carnival of the Mobilists #278

We are thrilled to be hosting our first Carnival of the Mobilists, which we shamelessly take as a hallmark of the quality of our writings :).  We have come across several good stories this week to share with the mobile community. Device fragmentation, testing and lessons from LiMo Jonathan Kohl writes about what a mobile… Read more »

Google Analytics for your app – a key tool for developers coming soon

Google almost very quietly last week announced their new engine for in-app analytics. The new Mobile App Analytics plugin looks very impressive, and allows for both the usual you expect from Google, such as analyzing where visitors come from, usage engagement metrics, setting goals for user behavior and more.  Perhaps one of the more exciting… Read more »