Google Analytics for your app – a key tool for developers coming soon

Google almost very quietly last week announced their new engine for in-app analytics. The new Mobile App Analytics plugin looks very impressive, and allows for both the usual you expect from Google, such as analyzing where visitors come from, usage engagement metrics, setting goals for user behavior and more.  Perhaps one of the more exciting… Read more »

Going local: The importance of language for mobile app revenues

You’ve spent all the hard work making the app – designing, coding, testing, debugging, debugging, debugging, porting – and finally you are ready to publish it world wide to as many app stores as you can, but with one problem: Your app – and the associated marketing material – is in one language, possibly two…. Read more »

Is Microsoft coming back in favor with app developers?

“Windows Phone is the new cool” touts Vision Mobile’s latest Developer Economics report. In it, they point to the fact that 57% of developers plan to adopt Windows Phone very soon.  At CodeNgo we’ve had a chance to play with the Lumia 900, and it is not a bad device at all, albeit with quite… Read more »

Should you sell your mobile app?

You’ve spent months(?) slaving away creating the next cool app. You drop it in iTunes and/or Google Play and sit and wait. And wait. And wait. Chances are you will make very little money. Research from Vision Mobile has shown that most developers are disappointed with revenues (Do check out their latest Developer Economics report!… Read more »

3 things you need to know as a mobile app developer before considering subscription models

Both Google and Amazon are touting subscription as the thing you should be looking at if you are a mobile app developer. The principle is quite simple as described by Amazon: So essentially it allows you to set up a recurring charge, but with very little other functionality. Google’s subscription is more advanced and ties… Read more »

In-app subscription – a Game Changer?

Google recently announced they will be supporting subscription billing in their in-app billing engine. A Senior Vice President for Glu said “In-app subscriptions allow us to offer entirely new types of products, things that just weren’t possible before,” — “This is huge for us and game developers in general.” So will subscription really be this… Read more »

The missing links in the HTML5 eco-system

HTML5 has a few challenges in reaching its potential in the mobile space. Although the platform offers opportunities for developers to bridge the gap between platforms, it also creates a problem with its ability to reach customers like iOS and Android markets. HTML5’s ecosystem needs channels for distribution to app stores, but the HTML5 based… Read more »

Multidimensional fragmentation – a major headache

Reading about the massive fragmentation issue that exists in Android today in a recent TechCrunch article is really an eye opener. The amount of devices games developer Animoca had available to test was a flashback to the old days of J2ME (insert shivering here). This is not news to industry insiders, and industry experts like… Read more »