Where should you focus in 2017? Try India

As the year starts and you are wondering where you should be focusing your app marketing efforts, perhaps it’s time to give India a long and hard look. India is certainly becoming a country where the art of app development is exploding, and searches for app development courses has grown 200% per year since 2014 and… Read more »

Where are your car keys? There’s an app for that

Car keys can be the bane of our existence, especially if you’re the type of person that constantly loses things. It seems almost impossible to keep track of them sometimes. Car keys are expensive because of the modern technology that’s used to make them. At a dealer ship you could be paying more than $100… Read more »

What are some must have apps to enhance your driving experience?

You should never use your phone while you’re driving, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your phone to help with your driving. There are lots of great apps out there that can help you overcome all of the struggles that come from being a car owner, including keeping track of your car, improving… Read more »

Best free apps to make traveling easy

Traveling has become somewhat contagious with certain individuals, no matter the destination; certain spots have become very popular. However, traveling may provide a euphoric and exciting sense of adventure; oppose to all the good, it still comes with its own struggles, which is why mobile apps have become very popular with our travellers. Here are… Read more »

Best Apps to Save You From Boredom On Long Haul Flights

Boarding a plane can be exciting, memorable and downright exhilarating (we can all remember our first time on an airplane, right?), but there comes a point 8 hours in on a long haul flight to California when killing time becomes a priority. Smartphones and tablets have become a life-saver when it comes to helping us… Read more »

Will phones one day be used instead of passports?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the company De La Rue and their preposterous idea to put our passports on our phones. If you haven’t these massive producers of passports are looking into the technology to put passports on our phones, working in a similar way as a mobile boarding pass. Although the app hasn’t been perfected… Read more »

The battle of the icons: Should you worry about being on the phone screen?

According to Comscore, 7 out of 10 smartphone users keep their most used apps on their home screen. Increasingly it is becoming more common for users to create folders of apps to stick them in. The primary reason for users moving the app to the home screen is because the app is used often.  The… Read more »

Top reasons why you need to have an app – and to spend to acquire users

The debate on mobile app vs mobile web has raged for years. We thought we had put it to rest a couple of years ago, when statistics overwhelmingly favored apps. New research from Comscore not only confirms this trend, but also shows that app users are a much more captive audience. But the days of… Read more »

There is a mobile app for anything these days, but what are the top 5 most useful?

It has got to a time where there is such a reliance on our mobile phones, tablets and other technologies that mobile apps are quickly becoming something that we use every day and soon they will be something that we will not be able to live without. In fact a Smarts Insights report shows that… Read more »