Buying a male costs less than a female

No, we have not gone into human trafficking. We are talking about user acquisition of course. Acquiring a mobile gamer costs. And if you want them to pay (which presumably you do if you paid to acquire them), it costs even more. But how much? And do all users costs the same and/or are worth… Read more »

The importance of language in app marketing

Would you expect to speak English to the French, Brazilians, Chinese and Germans and expect to always be perfectly understood?  Do you see marketers using English on every billboard in those countries? Most likely not. Localizing language in app marketing is crucial – and while some apps can get away with English because there is… Read more »

The top 8 apps for digital marketers

With thousands of apps out there, it’s not always easy to discern which are the most useful. Here we give a run down of the top eight apps for digital marketers to save you the trouble. These apps will aid any digital marketer aiming to improve the quality of their campaigns and communications, but technology… Read more »

The 4,648 brave millionaires

According to mobile app intelligence provider, Priori Data, 4,648 app developers pocketed more than 1 million USD in revenue in 2016.  That is quite an impressive number, although if one is to divide by the estimated 12m app developers, that makes for only 0.04% of all app developers. So how does that compare to say… Read more »

How ASO can get you millions of installs

ASO (App Store Optimization) is often perceived of as an art, rather than a science. Especially given the need to constantly fickle and A/B test your app’s marketing assets. But is it really worth spending the time? Well, one app owner claimed they got 6 million downloads from only focusing on ASO. The article entitled… Read more »

Google’s progressive onboarding

We sometimes hear developers or product managers say – “tips” are a sign your UI has failed. But Google, with the biggest B2C interactive audience (if you include search) globally, use tips and modals very creatively. by David Jones, Founder and CEO of – codeless on-boarding You would think that Google have: Some of the best… Read more »

App downloads and revenue set to nearly double in 4 years

AppAnnie recently released their market forecast report. Revenue from mobile apps are expected to exceed $139 bn in 2021. That is a staggering amount, and is more than 3 times as large as the total annual revenue generated from global music sales last year. So what does that mean for app developers? There is no… Read more »

2017’s Top Mobile App Marketing Tips That Assure Success

Over the last couple of years, the mobile app industry has created a buzz in the market, giving a lot of opportunities to businesses worldwide. With the inception of mobile apps in the online market, various online shoppers depend on mobile to alter their different interests as well as tasks. Apart from their laptops, they… Read more »

A Look At Some Of The Best Mobile Slots Apps Of 2016

Mobile gaming is growing massively, and with this huge growth in demand, many casinos and slots are turning to mobile devices to broaden their audience. Mobile games are fast-paced and instant, and developers are beginning to take advantage of this by releasing new mobile-compatible games on a regular basis. Here, we’re taking a look at… Read more »

Will Similar Apps Follow Minecraft’s Footsteps?

Since Minecraft was released in 2009, it has grown to become massively popular amongst both children and adults. The game allows its players to build and explore a world at their leisure, while constantly building and bringing their imagination to life in the form of cube structures. Minecraft has been dubbed as one of the… Read more »

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